Hey there!

My name is Gemma and my Stardoll account is BetseyJohnson but it's HACKEEDDD! :D (Report it, kay?) So atm I'm Free.Stuff.4eva (I WILL CHANGE THE USERNAME! It's was for an old club, jeez!)

So I'm your wonderful new blog writer! Not only that, I am the new deputy editor of Goddess, and let me tell you, Andriane and I have sooo much planned! Goddesss will be bigger and better than before!

Recnently, I have come under speculation of being a hacker, or more directly, LaPrimaDonna/ PerezStarGossip's hacker. I DID NOT HACK EITHER ACCOUNTS. I AM NOTTT A HACKER! The situation has finished, I'm helping the gourgeous LPD find her actual hacker, but for thoes who didn't catch the GB fight, it's over, kay? Didn't hack her. http://stardollkissedkouture.blogspot.com if you want what happened because I cbs explaining for the 50 millionth time.

So anyway, I am Gemma. Gemma Is My Name. Sorry about that...sometimes I get carried away *cough cough*. But anyways again! I am a 13 year old girl from Australia. Comment or add me on Stardoll (no blanks! xD)

Stay Fierce,

♥ Gemma

PS: I NEED a banner. Contact me through comments/GB. Can give credits or/and gift?


  1. I can make you a banner. Welcome to the blog.

  2. Ily Gemma. Weirf. Brigitte offered to make you a banner!

  3. Thanks Brigitte. Add me on Stardoll or ask Andriane for my MSN.

    ILY Andriane. Weirffff. :D