NEW BANNER+ Problems

Do you like the new Banner? I made it myself! I look hideous, and you are probably saying ''Why is everything black , white and grey?'' The answer is simple. Photoshop see's everything black and white and I have no idea how to fix it!
And I can't log into msn, because the stupid program won't open!
And they call this Laptop one of the best for 2009...
Keep your head up high,


Shakira gone Mad!

Shakira's doll has had some very weird issues. Her head is not at her body!

And here's my version of the doll, better in all ways:
She is holding her head. Yeah, better.


Album winner!

I found this, when I saw the magazine:

Funny, don't you think? xD

xoxo Brigitte


Best dressed of the release party

Goddess Magazine's February issue has released.


And the best dressed list

The owners:

The best outfits:

And the other beautiful ones:

xoxo Brigitte