This is a side panel add, for libragirl.com.au I SWEAR ON MY LIFE I DID NOT EDIT TO ADD THOES HORNS IN.

Click to look closer and look at her head. LOL. Someone pointed it out in Animal-Lovers, so I looked on the side AND SHE HAS HORNS!

Horny or Horndevil? Or just Hor?

And btw I have nothing against Miley, her book Miles To Go is fantastic! Reaaaddd ittt.


40 Million Members?

Remember all the fuss about 30 mil and then we got umm NOTHING?

Well like everyones forgotten that we're nearly at 40! OMG!

Think of it like this, every.single.person.in.Australia.has.two.or.three.stardoll.accounts.


Today the 30 million members Hot Buys dress was released- WTF???
On my ss account, I bought it, and made a non superstar outfit with it.
A bit pricey, 15sd but it could be rare one day...
And it is non superstar!

Oh and y'all must be wondering why I'm posting so much...
I'm at home from school cuz I have a virus.
And even I thought I was faking most of my sickness!
Well my stomach is feeling terrible.


rainbowgirl34 Makeover

Before (top) and After (bottom).

I loved her makeup so I kept it, but adding a bright lipstick and some blush, didn't like the hair so I changed that and put a headband on.

You like?


Do you like my outfit?

Hey everyone, it's Gemma again! (yeahh that attention seeking whore!)

Yes, I did just call myself an attention seeking whore xD

Well my lovely friend Madelyn (ChanelGurl23) has given me her old account stargrl_999 so contact me on there, not the weird Free.Stuff.4eva LOL

Anyways, so I couldnt be bothered going to starplaza and creating a gourgeous outfit, so I thought I'd just show you my own outfit.

I love it, it's summerey! And even though its pucking cold where I am, I wanted something warm.

Comments, opinions?

xx Gemma